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some of the latest testimonials on our work:
September 2009
I received the doll today and it looks beautiful! Amazing job! Thank you Kristy so much. I am planning on expending my collection, so if I find a doll that needs to be restored, I will definitely send it to you.
Thank you Kristy and have a great day.

August 2009
Hi Kristy,
My dolls arrived today and are they ever beautiful!!! You did a wonderful job on them....thank you so much.  I love the wig on the smaller one, both the color and style. You have great taste! *smiles*  I had lots of fun dressing them! They're now back in their cabinet where they belong, looking so much prettier! Thank you again.

August 2009
Hi Kristy,
I wanted to let you know how it turned out with my granddaughter.  When we were alone, I told her I had something that belonged to me, but I wanted to give it to her if she wanted it.  So, I got the box and she said "Let's see if I want it."  When she saw the doll, her eyes were as big as saucers and she gasped.  I couldn't have asked for a better response.
Morgan named her April.  I had given her a plate that my 101 year old Aunt had decorated with the word April (It's Morgan's birthday month.) and she saw the plate in her room and said that would be the doll's name.  I had all my old doll clothes with and so she dressed her in one of the pink dresses.  Morgan said, "She looks just like me."  I thought that was pretty interesting, I don't think April looks anything like Morgan.  I'm happy she identifies with her.
Is that common?  
Once again, thanks so much for your help.

March 2009
Thank you for repairing my daughter's doll.  It came out great!

October 2008
The dolls arrived today with no problems.  I was going to give the Patsy
to my friend for X-mas, but I don't think I can wait that long.  Her
birthday is next month & I can't wait to give it to her.  Thank you for
putting the other doll's hair on.  My daughter saw her and asked if she
could have her, & has dressed her in an outfit to her liking & put her in
her room.  My daughter is very happy with her, and I think she looks
prettier in person than the photo.  Thank you very much for giving them "new
life".  Happy with the outcome and your work is much appreciated.  Take care

September 2008

Oh My Gosh Ladies,
I just arrived home to the most beautiful surprise. It has taken me a moment to get it opened but it was waiting at my front door. My moms doll is finally home and she is beautiful!! Kristy's work from treasured collectibles is absolutely amazing and worth every penny!! I am so happy that as soon as I stop crying I will put her little clothes on her and carry her around the rest of the evening. Desiree is coming over Sunday for her swim coaches 90th birthday party in my moms developement. After the party we will surprise my mom with the homecoming of her doll. I am so excited I can hardly wait. Kimmy get your doll over to Kristy, her address is here with yours and Nancy's, and Nancy if you have anybody looking for some one I would not hesitate to send them Kristy's way. Also Nancy I have a sweet little pair of black shoes for Amy sitting here. I will bring them up next time I come. Oh I will bring the doll too so that I have a doll to play dolls with!! We can sit there and oogle over her with a nice glass of wine.
Okay gotta run get the baby dressed. 
Thank you again so much Kristy you don't know what this means to us. I will send you some pictures of her homecoming.

August 2008

Shirley arrived safe and sound and I just wanted to say thanks again.  I cannot remember which finger was broken and cannot even tell now!!!  She looks great!!!  

July 2008

Hi Kristy,

I just picked up my doll from the PO.  They tried to deliver on Sat.,
but we were out.  I am very pleased, thank-you so much!  She sure did
get here fast thank-you.  Have a wonderful rest of the summer!
Again thank-you,