Treasured Collectibles Doll Hospital

Professional doll repair and restoration by certified Dollologist Kristy Neal
We repair and restore all types of dolls.

Repair cracked or damaged bisque
Repair or replace broken and damaged parts
Rebuild broken fingers and toes
Repair cracked composition
Reset sleep eyes as well as stationary eyes
Clean and restyle vintage wigs. Replace if needed
Clean and restring dolls of all types

We have restored dolls from all over the country and will accept dolls from the world over.
Vinyl doll's eyes have been unclouded
Simon & Halbig Bisque head doll before she was restrung, had her hair cleaned and set, and her clothes were cleaned.
After bisque head doll was cleaned up!
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Kestner Bisque and composition doll restrung and cleaned.
Vinyl and plastic doll cleaned and hair reset
Member UFDC, Northshore Doll Club, and Doll Doctor's Association, Resident Doll Doctor for Walt Disney World's Doll & Teddy Bear Weekend at Epcot Center December 13-15, 2002

Check back often to see our new restoration pictures!

Baby Patsy before
Baby Patsy restored
Baby Patsy before                       & after repaint
Composition doll cleaned and restrung.  Garments cleaned using museum techniques.
Large Kestner cleaned, restrung, found replacement arms and human hair wig
Effanbee composition head repaired,
cleaned, and restrung
All Composition "Basket Case"  before
All Composition doll's new lease on life!
broken bisque head & body
broken bisque head
Broken Bisque Head Before.
Repaired Bisque Head
Repaired Bisque head
Broken Bisque Head Repaired and back together
This Kewpie doll had extensive water damage from Hurricane Katrina.  These are the before pictures
Kewpie after total composition restoration.
A new lease on life!.
Composition doll before restorations
Composition doll after restorations
Ceramic Horse before and after restorations