April 21. 2010 : Doll Doc Kristy's updates
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April 21. 2010

by Kristy Neal on 04/21/10

Hi there.  I am just starting this blog so that everyone can keep up with what I am doing.  Doll restoration of course!  I have just finished up a batch of dolls and am awaiting shoes for one doll so that they can go home.  I am also working on figuring out just how in the world to reattach a Cissy leg.  Some things should just never break!!  This was obviously done by a machine before the leg was put together and is not easy to get to go together again.  I am cleaning some really pretty Ashton Drake type dolls that I am going to have for sale really soon if anyone is interested.  I also just rented some of my dolls for a television show as background.  That was a really cool experience and would LOVE to help again in the future.

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