Treasured Collectibles Doll Hospital

Specializing in the professional restoration and repair of all types of dolls.  Doll Doctor Kristy Neal repairs bisque, composition, porcelain and more.


Any well loved doll can be saved.  Repairs of all types are possible.  From broken bisque to cracked composition as well as less drastic problems.  We can repair sleep eyes, restyle vintage wigs, restring, rebuild broken fingers or toes, replace missing parts, clean vintage clothing using museum techniques, and much much more!

All repairs are done by professional Dollologist Kristy Neal.  I believe in doing repairs with as little change to the original character of the doll as possible.  I use airbrush painting techniques to minimize the appearance of any repair requiring repainting.  I always use reversible techniques when possible.  

See our doll hospital page to see before and after
pictures of Doll Doctor Kristy's work.
Contact me with all of you questions and concerns.  I am glad to help!


I also purchase and sell vintage and antique dolls.

Member UFDC,Current President of Northshore Doll Club, Doll Doctor's Association
Resident Doll Doctor for Walt Disney World's Doll & Teddy Bear Convention at Epcot Center December 13-15, 2002

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